Kids Theatre and Musical News

Educate and Entertain Your Kids with Theatre for Children

Not all children can be coaxed into reading – but you can bet they all love to watch TV! This is why theatre for children is getting more and more popular as parents strive to teach their children the classics while keeping them entertained. A children’s theatre not only showcases riveting shows but also fires

Some Amazing Theatre Shows For Kids

Throughout this article we will provide a list of Shows For Kids which are appropriate and recommended for children and families. The Gazillion Bubble Show This is a funny show about a guy named Fan Yang who over the past two decades explored the mysterious and fragile world of soap bubbles. He emerged with a

Must Watch Musicals: Shows that will Rock your Kids

Taking the kids for musical shows is an amazing way to have light moments, learn them and have them have unending fun. When you take your kids for theatre shows, they feel minded, they learn a lot, have fun and wish the show never ends, they enjoy the music, lasers, smoke, gazillion bubbles and the

Benefits Of Fairytale Theatre Stories To Children

In fairytale theatre stories, there is usually magic and fantasy. This is what makes them different from fables, folklore and other different types of tell tales. The fairytales feature supernatural characters that are not necessarily godmothers or winged sprites. The characters may be brownies, ogres, magicians, elfs, gnomes, goblins or leprechauns. There are other fairytales